BBC Learner Centred Design

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The BBC Learning Design Toolkit serves as “an aid to designing learner-centred experiences.” It is a method deck consisting of 40 cards in seven categories:

  1. Core Propositions — The defining idea that sits at the heart of what educators and trainers do (value statement creators framed around:  confidence + creativity = success)
  2. Experience Principles — What principles define the learner experience?
  3. Learner Insights — Do you know your learners?
  4. Behaviours — How do people learn in a web-tech world?
  5. Frameworks — Designing for your learners.
  6. Provocations — Additional stimulus and cognitive encouragers.
  7. Program Delivery Phases — The key phases before, during, and after learners engage with the learning programme.

The toolkit was designed in conjunction with Engine, a service design company. The collaboration focused on developing awareness of patterns in learning processes and developing a learner-centred design framework:


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