You-ologies and Fact Sheets

In People Development

“If one man praises you, a thousand will repeat the praise” – Japanese proverb

A friend sports “Sam-ology”, which is a factsheet or summary of the science of  Sam.  It focuses on her achievements, quirks, and gives real insights into her personality, history, foibles, and ambitions.  It both defines her and provides a guide to the world of Sam.  I call it “Sam I am” (but that’s another post).  Sam-ology categories include: mythology,  technology, archaeology,  anthropology,  theology,  psychology,  numerology,  graphology, and terminology.  A few of the more personal categories are: 

  • Biology — family history, vital statistics, etc.
  • Dumbology — the obvious; things I wish I’d known
  • Favouritology — a few of my favourite things
  • Currentology — the way the world is from where I am
  • Randomology — things you might not expect

Samology is a great way to induct new team members into organisational or team culture, strengthen existing teams, and to summarise the key points and personality of a product.   Here’s a recipe for producing a person, team, or product fact sheet:

  1. Work in pairs or small groups
  2. Select 5 – 8 ologies, either from the list above or by brainstorming as a whole group new ones that suit your business, team, or product.
  3. Define what each of your 5 – 8 ologies means.  Again, this can done as a whole group activity, or each pair/small group can select one term and generate their own definition.
  4. For each of the ologies, pairs/small groups produce a sentence or paragraph which explains its significance to the organisation, team, or product.
  5. To consolidate and summarise, the whole group discusses and refines the definitions they have created.  Sentences or one-liners can be used as tweets.  Paragraphs can be used to create fact sheets or business, team or product crib sheets.