The Story and the Strategy

In Management

“We are working to build something important, something that matters to our customers, something that we can tell our grandchildren about.  Such things aren’t meant to be easy.  We are incredibly forturnate to have this group of dedicated employees whose sacrifices and passion …” — Jeffrey P. Bezos


“A Company without a story is usually a company without a strategy.” — Ben Horowitz

The other day a discussion about the need for stories in user learning resources went something like: “Does it have a beginning,  some drama, and a resolution?”  — the elements of any good story.  A standout statement from a post on Ben’s Blog is:

“At Andreessen Horowitz, we like to say that in good companies, the story and the strategy are the same thing. As a result, the proper output of all the strategic work is the story.”

Bezos’ 1997 Amazon Letter to Shareholders is a story of vision, of passion, of success.  Yes, it has a beginning, lots of activity and excitement, and a resounding resolution.  A commendable read.