12 Steps to Sustainable KM

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Hunting around for inputs into developing capability statements for people roles in KM, Reflections of a Knowledge Manager, presents lots of aha moments in a selective publication drip feed.  With a highly readable article on developing a sustainable Knowledge Management process, it ticks lots of boxes.  Sustainability here is all about establishing a support and advocacy group targeting KM staff and champions with the intention of providing people-centric KM.  Honour the fearlessness:

The Principles of 12 Step KM

  1. We accept that improving knowledge management is a communal effort and that we are merely facilitators
  2. We fully believe in the promise of KM, that it will improve operational efficiency, promote innovation, and, ultimately, increase market share and profitability
  3. We believe that a strategic approach/mindset is essential to achieving the goals of KM
  4. We will audit knowledge sharing/behaviors, practices and policies thoroughly and evaluate our findings critically
  5. We will develop strategies that honestly and fearlessly reflect organizational needs
  6. We will present an honest accounting of the State of KM to all stakeholders
  7. We will provide sufficient marketing and education on the proposed strategy to key stakeholders to obtain buy-in and support
  8. We will work with key stakeholders to prioritize strategic objectives and pursue them in accordance with a comprehensive project plan
  9. We will routinely assess the demand for KM services and work collaboratively across the organization to achieve KM goals
  10. We will establish and report, regularly, on KM metrics and key performance indicators, as well as lessons learned and action reports
  11. We will commit ourselves to our own professional growth and development
  12. We will actively promote knowledge stewardship, champion the values of KM, and work to strengthen KM as an organizational unit

Would love to see these points committed to a set of cards and used as a tool to worksheet strategy development and to resource the review process.  Here’s an example set for download.  They’re large enough to print off and scribe notes as you travel, or evaluate the journey.