The Only 3 Skills Graduates Need to Learn

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For Isaiah Hankel, author and consultant at Cheeky Scientist, hard skills have lost their imperative.  In an article for University Affairs, he asks: “Think of how many hard skills have been outsourced or replaced by computer apps over the last 10 years — thousands”.  Hankel lists the top three workpace skills as:

  • Oral communication
  • Initiative
  • Mental choice

Mental choice is slightly unexpected, and a good inclusion.  Hankel’s reasoning:

Mental choice is the mother of initiative. Before you can take action you have to choose which action to take. The three most common job qualifications listed on Fortune 500 job postings are critical thinking, complex problem-solving, and decision-making. Your ability to choose the right problem and choose the right solution are incredibly important.

Mental choice is also responsible for directing your focus and determining your attitude. Happiness is a decision. And productivity is the result of deciding to do the right things. It’s your choices, not your circumstances that will determine your future.