Lasting Change … One Conversation at a Time

There are typically two very different approaches to bringing about organisational change. One, a top down strategic initiative pushing “key messages” using all the resources of conventional media.

The other, a messy, networked, conversational approach to collective sense making. I would argue that the latter is, and has always been, where real change happens. — Euan Semple

Semple specialises in introducing social media tools into large, successful organisations.  He makes the case for broad yet deep conversations as the enabler of lasting change:

“Real change happens willingly, at a personal level. Even if you have your strategic, top down, initiatives their ultimate effect is achieved through individual understanding which in turn leads to a collective change in behaviour. It probably won’t always happen in the ways you expect, not conforming to your grand strategy. It will happen as it has always happened, one conversation at a time.”