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Flow is focused motivation.
Here be flow.

Learn Logic is about life-long learning, about people and ideas development.

We’re learners, knowledge management and L&D solutioneers, sense-makers, and collaborators. We bring rigour, reflection and thoughtfulness to support client learning and adapting to change.

We build capacity as our legacy.

We create value for our clients from strategy development through implementation to workforce development. Here is what we offer you:


Workshop design & facilitation

Bespoke resources, and workshop design and facilitation to help build capacity – face to face, blended or online.

Implementing people strategy

We help clarify and achieve your aims. Increasingly, organisations face issues that resist off-the-shelf solutions.

Planning for action

From the wisdom of groups to establishing near and longer-term action plans, activity roadmaps, and success metrics.

People-centred knowledge management

Practices to ‘put knowledge in the flow of work’. Analysis and knowledge cycle activities to surface how technology impacts work. 

Learning strategy and framework

Solution design – developing and aligning learning programs and pathways to organisational values, skills, and capability models.

Evaluation & research

We bring research, review, and reset skills to workplace need. Our frameworks and evaluation work emphasize value and constructively impactful outcomes.


We work with clients and across the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Our work includes:



We look forward to connecting with you about challenges you and your organisation are facing and how we may be able to help.