Facilitator’s Toolkit

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of Quality Improvement Facilitator Tool Kit is a great resource.  The kit is a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to classic tools, methods and techniques for assisting groups with planning and improvement projects and interactive meetings. Its clear, simple explanations and directions guide the reader through the selection and application of practical tools that are time tested.  Through 10 mini toolkits, the facilitator guide covers off soft project management, and provides a range of tools from building group consensus, to flowcharting, and project impact.  There are strategies for leading effective meetings, guiding focus groups, dealing with group conflict, measuring success, and making decisions.

10 toolkit topics

  1. The role of the facilitator
  2. Group dynamics
  3. Ideation and consensus
  4. Effective meetings
  5. Managing a project
  6. Stakeholder input tools
  7. Data collection and analysis tools
  8. Flowcharting
  9. Decision making tools
  10. Measuring impact